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24 Jul 2007

Some nice things said about my work.

a blog with a bio is at GoffSpot

Michael is smart, energetic and creative, and had a long track record in the media business

Dan Gillmor, partner, Grassroots Media/Bayosphere, in his blog

A start-up run by a former Microsoft Corp. manager [Roamable] has developed an unusual way to use email to retrieve information from Web pages and databases

Don Clark, Wall Street Journal

Roamable’s media-connected CEO, Michael Goff, has succeeded in hooking up some heavy-duty media customers. (MSNBC, MTV, Ticketmaster)

It’s the Email, Stupid, Unstrung

He’s essentially running a multimillion-dollar experiment, creating local entertainment guides on the Internet. Despite doing something so new, though, Microsoft’s Michael Goff has deja vu.

Walking His Talk—Microsoft Editor Takes On Local Media With Online City Guides, The Seattle Times,

The highlight [this quarter] has to be Michael Goff’s excellent work in securing a $90MM credit card advertising deal…the biggest such deal on the internet yet.

—Pete Higgins, Microsoft group vp, MSN memo (Related)

We knew editorial was important, but he helped us focus and mold it better

—Pete Higgins, Microsoft group vp,
“Goff Brings Sizzle to Microsoft’s Electronic Commerce,

Wall Street Journal

The “outing” of gay magazines can be credited to two key factors: Michael Goff and the changing content of gay publications.

Samir Husni, Mainstreaming Gay Titles,
Folio: The Magazine for Magazine Management

The one that has opened the most eyes [among advertisers considering gay titles] is Out….Proves you don’t need big bucks to generate a buzz…

Out Offers Important Lessons For Small Publishers, Folio

Honor Tags is an idea introduced by Grass Roots Media (Dan Gillmor, Michael Goff and Jay Campbell). They are making significant contributions to the idea of responsible citizen journalism. Honor Tags is one of their experiments.

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

Appreciated, yet somewhat dubious, recognition:

Folio Editorial Excellence Award, General Editorial
Swing magazine’s Most Powerful Twentysomethings
Rolling Stone’s Hot Magazine
Crain’s 40 under 40
Newsweek’sVIX List: Very Important Generation Xers
AdweekBest Direct Response Spot


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